There are no limits in creativity and ingenuity to design your chimney with the individual heathstones of emeleOFENIDEE. No matter if you choose rock design, photographs of landscapes or graphics- use our templates and give your ideas full scope. You will be delighted.

soapstone design


By means of our innovative and high quality process, your favorite design in enamel will be put on a 1,5- 2mm thick steel plate an provides your chimney with fire protection. Therefore we offer standard formsand designs.


Because of its excellent attributes, enamel is the perfect material to produce our sparks protection plate. Temperature and UV resistance, environment friendly characteristics and stain- resistance are just a couple of its edges. Go and see for yourself!


We are glad to present you a picture series to give you an impression of our heathstones. Please click in the pictures to see a magnification.


We offer the heathstones in different forms and designs. Please click here for further information


product features


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